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Our model is built on care, quality and commitment

BlueTeam is a licensed general contracting firm that employs only the most experienced and skilled project managers, engineers and supervisors. This ensures our professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to all projects, instilling trust and confidence in each of our clients. We will always do everything possible to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, while maintaining open and honest communication at all times. This includes quality of work and level of service, with a constant focus on both timeline and budget.

The quality of a project’s outcome is heavily dependent upon quality of the contractor who produces it. Our process begins with a thorough examination of each project. Once all necessary information is compiled, a customized team is assembled. This team will have the ability to handle the full scope of the project as well as any issues that may arise.

We successfully provide commercial construction services for clients throughout the U.S., and deliver true turnkey solutions every time, no matter how large or small the project may be. We also ensure that the client is aware of each project’s status from beginning to the end. There are no surprises! Our staff with you throughout the entire construction process, and we are always there to answer any questions or to address any concerns.

BlueTeam also partners with many of the world’s largest insurance carriers and they, too, rely on us to provide the knowledge, skill and professionalism to complete the most challenging of projects on behalf of their clients.

Blue Team will create your budget, estimate, and forecast all project costs; while working hand in hand with your insurance carrier. From the tear-out to the complete reconstruction, you can count on our teams to work with you and within your budget to get the job done — Any time. Every time.

Turnkey Commercial Construction Services

exterior construction


Commercial properties must meet a certain standard. They obviously have to be structurally sound and durable but must also be professional in appearance. It is also important to recognize that “professional” has several different interpretations depending on a client’s particular industry or sector. Several factors must be considered when constructing (or reconstructing) the exterior of a commercial property.

interior construction


Regardless of the industry or market segment in which a client operates, we understand the importance of constructing an interior space that is welcoming, comfortable and functional for all. This includes employees, visitors, guests, clients and partners. Whether constructing a new building or making interior updates to an existing and operating business, our teams work as efficiently and effectively as possible, with minimal disruption or inconvenience.

BlueTeam provides a wide range of capital improvement options.

Capital Improvement Projects

BlueTeam provides a wide range of capital improvement options including ground-up construction, interior and exterior remodeling, construction refurbishing and parking lot repairs, just to name a few. Our commitment to service and industry-best standard of excellence help increase the value, beauty and functionality of our clients’ properties. All projects are also completed with minimal interruption of standard operation.

In many cases, once emergency restoration services are completed, you may need building reconstruction.


Once our emergency restoration services are completed, your building may need to be rebuilt or refinished. This can include damage from water, fire, mold, or natural disasters. BlueTeam effortlessly transitions from disaster recovery to reconstruction, quickly returning your property to its pre-loss condition or better. BlueTeam’s turnkey solutions result in reduced project downtown while delivering the highest quality and craftsmanship.

Our Case Studies

Hampton Inn: Capital improvements & Reconstruction

The Hampton Inn sustained significant damage to the exterior and roofing system resulting in interior damage to the facility due to water penetrating the compromised structure. Within 24 hours of the hurricane passing, Blue Team mobilized with resources to immediately make temporary exterior repairs to mitigate further interior exposure.

Count on BlueTeam for all of your commercial property needs