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Senior Care

Senior Care

Senior Care

Senior care and assisted living facilities have an enormous responsibility to create the safest and most comfortable environment for their residents. To realize this ideal atmosphere, the facilities must be in exceptional condition and abide by all the applicable state and local regulations.

If your senior care facility needs construction, restoration, or roofing services, BlueTeam has the knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional results within your timeline. We’ve worked with senior care centers throughout the country, so we have a deep understanding of the compliance codes in each state. For a job done right the first time, call Blue!

Why Choose BlueTeam for Your Senior Care Projects?

Senior care centers and assisted living facilities present unique challenges for contractors. When building or restoring facilities or their amenities, we must abide by building codes and regulations that vary from state to state. Federal guidelines, namely those outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, outline building requirements for residents with mobility issues.

The BlueTeam Difference

Although many construction companies can make competitive bids, few are equipped to manage the challenges associated with these projects. Without experience in navigating compliance regulations, companies are exposed to unforeseen delays and missed deadlines.

Undertaking senior care projects requires expertise, which our team has to spare. Because we’ve worked with senior care facilities in dozens of states, we are prepared for the common obstacles and demands typical with these projects. What this means to you is insights and guidance you can’t get anywhere else.





Construction Services for Senior Care Centers

The exterior of a senior care facility is very much the face of the business. Not only does a beautiful exterior give your residents a sense of pride about where they live, but it’ll also make it more likely for other prospective clients to choose you as their care provider.

We will work with you to enhance the exterior of your facility to convey the high level of service your clients can expect. Our team is experienced in working with a wide range of materials, including exterior insulation finishing systems (EIFS), fiber cement, mortarless brick veneer, and stucco.

The interior of a senior care center requires a high level of construction execution. Everything from the flooring to the plumbing and insulation must be built to code. This will maximize the safety and comfort of the residents.

When you choose BlueTeam, you’ll get our signature quality, excellent results, and exceptional customer service experience led by our transparent billing practices. From remodeling to restoration, you can trust us to deliver stunning interiors.

  • Memory Care Conversions

BlueTeam works with existing facilities to convert them into a space supporting memory and dementia care. We understand the types of spaces needed within a memory care facility and work with our clients to properly align with the needs, estimate the work, and deliver exceptional results that new residents will enjoy.


Whether your facility is due for an update or needs to recover from a natural disaster, we can help you get back to full operation with minimal disruptions. As a contracting company working exclusively with commercial portfolio owners, we are uniquely aware of the setbacks of halting business.

Therefore, we’ve trained our team to work efficiently to meet and often beat expected project deadlines. As part of our ongoing efforts to keep our clients in operation, we offer an emergency response team that is on call 24/7 to get you back on track as soon as possible.

  • Water Damage

Water damage can be hazardous to your building and your residents’ health. Without the proper professional attention, water can remain in vulnerable parts of the building, slowly wearing away at interior components and creating an environment for mold to grow.

When it comes to water damage, time is of the essence. The faster you can get the restoration service you need, the less likely you’ll have to face more extensive reconstruction projects in the future. If your senior care facility has been affected by water damage, our emergency response team can get to work immediately.

  • Decontamination

The health of your residents is your biggest concern and, therefore, our biggest concern. If your building has been contaminated, our crew will be on standby to ensure your residents’ safety. We will quickly get started on the clean-up process. Afterward, we will evaluate all contaminated areas and secure or remove all materials before deciding what biocide will be most effective in the given situation.

We aim to act quickly, avoiding hazards to anyone living on the premises. That is why we offer 24/7 response and are very selective when using biocides. The professionals at BlueTeam are trained in the decontamination process, so you can count on us to manage the situation while abiding by all relevant local and state regulations.

Senior care centers are uniquely vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus because they house the most vulnerable demographics. Our crew has been on the front lines combating the virus since its emergence in the U.S. We’ve teamed up with a recognized group of third-party hygienists to develop an industry-first disinfection protocol that abides by CDC and EPA guidelines using hospital-grade disinfectants.

Highlights of our COVID-19 decontamination protocol include:

  • Compliant with CDC and EPA guidelines
  • Utilizes hospital-grade disinfectants
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Applied according to the manufacturer’s recommendations

Our process is adaptable depending on the situation. It’s also designed to deliver a fast solution that minimizes the impact on the rest of the residents. This protocol varies from precautionary cleanings, suspected case cleanings, and confirmed case cleanings — each subsequent stage using more thorough techniques than the previous.


We have licensed contractors and specialists versed in all types of roofing projects. Our team has installed roofs for many senior care facilities, and we are certified and insured to install all major roof types, including EPDM, foam, metal, TPO, and asphalt shingles.

If you have damage to your roof, our 24/7 response team is also ready to be on-site and start working on the needed repairs. We aim to quickly inspect and assess the damage to deliver long-lasting solutions that protect the structure and its residents.

Senior Living Industry

Choose the Experts in Construction, Restoration, and Roofing for Your Senior Care Facility

Every project is different, and our team is prepared to offer unique solutions backed by decades of experience. Choose the experts at BlueTeam today!


We are your trusted partner in times of need.