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Hampton Inn: Capital improvements & Reconstruction


Significantly affected by Hurricane Michael, The Hampton Inn needed extensive repairs.

The Hampton Inn sustained significant damage to the exterior and roofing system resulting in interior damage to the facility due to water penetrating the compromised structure. Within 24 hours of the hurricane passing, Blue Team mobilized with resources to immediately make temporary exterior repairs to mitigate further interior exposure. Blue Team communicating with ownership, was immediately able to stabilize the asset, investigate and ascertain the full scope of damage and establish a timeline for the emergency services and reconstruction effort.

Blue Team’s thorough assessment revealed that not only was the building’s envelop compromised and needed to be rendered water tight, but the full roof needed to be replaced. Blue Team performed emergency services, dry-out and demolition by phase to allow the facility to remain occupied with heads in beds during this unfortunate event.

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As part of the reconstruction process, our construction team coordinated with ownership so as to utilize the put-back period efficiently and incorporated previously planned or desired PIP and upgrade work, including new furnishings and certain common area remodeling work. This collaborative approach, minimized the disruption to operations while maximizing the extent of capital improvements for maximum efficiency.

Crews thoughtfully phased the full roof replacement scope of the project so as to prioritize achieving immediate dry-in and then completing permanent replacement while maintaining the envelopes integrity.