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Regardless of your roofing need, we’ve got you covered

As a licensed general contractor firm, our team of specialists is well versed in a wide range of roofing systems. BlueTeam is certified to install most commercial roofing systems, and we advise our clients on the best options, depending on their environment and specific needs.

We provide installation for all major roof types, including asphalt shingles, coatings, concrete and clay tiles, EPDM, foam systems, metal roofs, modified bitumen, TPO and wood shakes.

Also, as an approved service provider and installer for all major roofing systems including Carlisle, FiberTite, Firestone, GAF, Johns Manville and Mulehide, we offer our clients many benefits that are typically associated with NDL manufacturer warranties. This ensures that clients do not have to individually liaise with other entities or individuals who may be involved in the project, which not only saves time but also allows all queries to treated with the urgency required.

Our goal is always to provide the highest quality of work, with the best possible service. To ensure that happens, BlueTeam coordinates with all parties involved in every roofing project, including building owners, property managers, engineers, architects, insurers, engineers and other professionals as well. We want to be sure everybody is on the same page at all times, and that open and honest communication is maintained throughout the project. This, paired with exceptional job-site management and attention to detail, allows us to complete the job efficiently and provide insurance claim documentation both correctly and expeditiously.

We also understand that our clients have businesses to run, and that cannot cease simply because roof work is needed. Our teams have years of experience in managing all aspects of roofing projects, including communication and workflow coordination, which helps us minimize our footprint and maximize our clients’ abilities to operate as usual.

From 24/7 emergency services, roof repair, new roofs and re-roofing projects, BlueTeam has both the expertise and resource capabilities to respond quickly and efficiently to all roofing situations.

What We Do



BlueTeam performs both emergency and routine roof inspections to review for possible hail and storm damage, as well as general preventative maintenance. We also offer coordinated maintenance and replacement schedules for clients across their commercial portfolios.



Whether the result of an emergency such as severe weather, fire or collapse, or failures due to age, defect or neglect, BlueTeam is ready 24/7 to assess your roofing system and quickly implement measures to protect your property and mitigate further loss.



BlueTeam is a full-service roofing contractor that can repair any replace all major systems quickly and correctly. This includes temporary roofing solutions that address immediate needs while long-term systems are being completed. From general maintenance to disaster response and recovery, keeping our clients protected is job one.

Certified Installer

BlueTeam's Roofing Division is certified at installing all major roofing solutions and brings decades of expertise to every job. Our team works closely with the manufacturers to stay up to date on the latest products and improvements from each supplier. Using the best solutions enables our clients to have peace of mind of their commercial roof's longevity. When our roof inspectors are on-site they can assess the current condition of your property's roof and what roof solution would be best if repairs or replacement is necessary.

Expertise in what matters

All Major Roofing System

BlueTeam conducts installation and warranty of all major roofing systems. Whether you are looking to have your coated roof redone or repaired, a new clay tile roof, or EPDM, our skilled roofing teams are able to get the job done. No matter what type of commercial roofs are on your portfolio of properties, we can handle it. Count on BlueTeam for your roofing needs across your entire portfolio to manage Roof inspections, repairs, reroofs, warranty work, and new roofing installations.

  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Clay Tile
  • Coating
  • Concrete Tile
  • EPDM
  • Foam Systems
  • Metal Roofs
  • Modified Bitumen
  • TPO
  • Wood Shakes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Blue Team Experts Suggest the Optimal Roofing Material for Your Commercial Roofing System?

Yes, Blue Team has seasoned roofing professionals who work with different roofing materials and they can recommend the most suitable roofing material depending your needs and budget constraints. We consider factors such as climate, building design, insulation requirements, and the expected lifespan of the roofing system. Through analysis and consultation, our experts will guide you in selecting the ideal roofing material, ensuring it aligns with your commercial building's demands.

How Do You Conduct Updates During a Project?

At Blue Team, we understand the importance of clear communication and keeping clients informed throughout the project. Therefore, we have implemented a streamlined communication system, the Blue Team App, which offers real-time updates and progress reports to clients. The Blue Team App allows clients to monitor the project's status, view timelines, and access key information related to their roofing project. With this convenient tool, you can stay informed about every aspect of the project, from initial assessment to completion.

When Can I Contact Blue Team for My Commercial Roofing Project?

Since roofing emergencies can arise at any time, we offer our services 24/7 to accommodate your commercial roofing needs. Whether you require immediate repairs due to a sudden leak or need to discuss a planned roofing project, you can reach out to us at any hour, day or night. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you, ensuring your commercial roofing concerns are addressed.

What Makes Blue Team a Reputable Commercial Roofing Contractor?

Blue Team's reputation as a qualified commercial roofing contractor is founded on several pillars of excellence. With a professional team with extensive industry knowledge, we bring expertise to every project, from office complexes to senior care facilities. Our commitment to quality is underscored by our use of premium roofing materials sourced from trusted suppliers, ensuring the durability and resilience of your roofing system. As a licensed and insured contractor, we also adhere to stringent industry standards and regulations. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and equipment, we execute projects efficiently, minimizing disruptions to your business operations. Blue Team's customer-centric approach revolves around clear communication, timely project completion, and a steadfast commitment to addressing your unique roofing needs. Our proven track record, highlighted by a portfolio of successful commercial roofing projects, serves as a testament to our ability to not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations.