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Office Space

Office, Retail, & Industrial

Office, Retail, & Industrial

Office, retail, and industrial spaces deal with vast amounts of foot traffic on a daily basis, meaning it’s extremely important to keep everything safe, up to code, and aesthetically pleasing. At BlueTeam, it’s our job to tackle your needs in an efficient and satisfying manner. Through our restoration, reconstruction, and renovation work, we can be your single source for your building’s needs.



Water can quickly cause widespread damage at a moment’s notice, whether it comes from sprinkler systems, roof leaks, or broken pipes. While the damage can seem devastating, BlueTeam has the experienced team necessary to restore your office or retail space in a prompt manner. We understand that you’re losing money the longer your building is unusable, so time is of the essence.


Even smaller fires can leave a lasting effect on your building if not taken care of properly. Fire damage and the horrible smell of smoke can leave your space in a state that is no small feat to restore. The good news is that once we arrive on the scene, we will get straight to work on surveying the area, discarding unsalvageable materials, and reconstructing what was lost.


Whether you’ve had an unfortunate accident in your industrial building or require decontamination after a breakout of COVID-19 cases, we’re the team you can turn to. We are trained and experienced to handle:

  • Biohazard issues
  • COVID-19 disinfecting
  • Mold removal
  • Crime scene and trauma cleanings
  • And more


Even if your office, retail, or industrial space is fundamentally sound, improvements through renovation have a wide host of benefits, from increased productivity to advancements in morale and appeal. Our team can upgrade portions of your space, such as:

  • Flooring
  • Paint
  • Meeting ADA compliance
  • General refreshes
  • And more


Structural Repairs

Time, damage, and poor initial construction can all lead to structural problems for your office or industrial building. Before we can move forward with any reconstruction projects, we need to confirm if the foundation of your building is sound. If necessary, we will conduct structural repairs to ensure a safe environment.

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing issues can range greatly from a small inconvenience to a problem that can prevent employees from doing their jobs. Whatever the case may be, we have a team of experts ready to solve it.


Everyone on the BlueTeam roofing staff prides themselves in not only being certified installers but also going above and beyond by communicating with manufacturers to provide the best and safest services and products. If your office building needs new shingles or your industrial building needs a metal roof replacement, we can help.

Each project begins with an inspection and assessment to ensure we do the job correctly the first time without cutting corners. Depending on the condition of your building’s roof, we offer:

  • Reroofs
  • Recoating and Repairs
  • Emergency Tarping

Do You Need Restorations or Renovations for Your Office, Retail, or Industrial Space?

At BlueTeam, our experts are ready to tackle your project in the best way possible, thanks to years of training, problem-solving, and hands-on experience. If your office, retail, or industrial building is in need of immediate service, contact us today to get started.

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