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Capital Improvement Projects

Capital Improvement Projects

Let us help you build a stronger business

Whether by choice or out of necessity, businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance their clients’ or customers’ experience. Oftentimes, that includes the beautification or improved functionality of their facilities.

Capital improvement projects that increase a building’s look, value and functionality are absolutely instrumental in achieving this objective. Other times, a business may be changing their model and the property needs to be reconfigured accordingly.

Regardless of our clients’ motivation, BlueTeam has the skilled, knowledgeable and experienced staff required to complete complex interior and exterior capital improvement projects at a fast pace and with remarkable results. We are available to work around the clock or at any hour to minimize the disruption to our clients’ regular business operations.

Our ultimate goal is to be there for our clients at any time, and to meet or exceed their expectations every time. To do so, we must fully understand our clients’ goals for their capital improvement projects, so we can develop and implement plans that maximize return on investment.

From ground-up construction to remodeling, improvements, refurbishing and repairs, BlueTeam is ready when you are.

What We Do

Value Engineering


The first step to creating a successful capital improvement project is knowing the client’s budget and recognizing what they are looking to accomplish. This allows our team to devise a scope of work that can be completed within a client’s financial framework.

Aggressive Schedule


We are mindful of a client’s timeline. While the BlueTeam standard of excellence demands industry-best quality, it is crucial that we deliver that as quickly as possible and in accordance with our clients’ needs. That means we must establish an aggressive construction schedule and be sure we meet every deadline, finishing each phase of the project on time or early.

Open Communication


Our clients deserve consistent and honest communication throughout each project, and that is what they will receive. We explain how every dollar will be spent at the beginning of each project and allow our clients to monitor all transactions. We also provide real-time status updates and project managers are always available to address any clients’ questions or concerns.

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