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Institutional Markets

Institutional Markets

Institutional Markets

Institutional markets spend lots of time and money restoring and upgrading their buildings. Since their properties often serve tens of thousands of people, they need to get work done quickly. They are also often under pressure to get upgrades with minimal interruption of day-to-day activities.

On this page, we will discuss the work BlueTeam does for colleges, universities, and houses of worship. For more information on our work with healthcare  and hospitality  institutions, please take a look at their respective pages.



  • Emergency Services

Every year, institutions face countless emergencies. Whether you’re concerned that an emergency has damaged your building in a way that represents a health risk, or you simply want to get your facility up and running quickly again, we’re here for you.

Whether you’re responsible for a place of worship or a place of education, we offer 24/7 emergency response because we understand that you can’t always wait for office hours. Our goal is to help institutions preserve as much of their buildings as they can.

  • Storm Response

Storms can represent a major potential problem for schools and places of worship. While the wind speed can cause objects to crash into your building, the rain makes water damage much more likely.

This is why we act fast to help institutions recover from a storm. Our goals are to help minimize the disruption to your school or place of worship while also ensuring that your building(s) looks as good as new, if not better.

  • Water Issues

Water can be extremely damaging to buildings, as well as representing a health issue. Our goal is to address any damage to the building and salvage materials, while also ensuring your students, customers, or worshippers will be safe from harm.

When your facility experiences flooding, our first step is to determine how severe a health issue it could represent, with Category 1 being the least worrisome and Category 3 being the most worrisome.

We will present this report to you and then work hard to salvage the building materials we can while also addressing microbial growth as necessary.

  • Fire, Smoke & Soot

Fires can be extremely disruptive to both schools and places of worship. We’ll ensure the safety of students or worshippers, placing signage as necessary and investigating the area to determine any health issues caused by the soot.

We’ll create a plan of action and discuss it with you. This plan will involve addressing any contamination issues while salvaging or discard materials as necessary.

  • Biohazard Response

Biohazards are some of the most difficult cases in restoration, which is why it’s so important to call in the professionals.

If an unfortunate incident occurs and we need to dispose of blood, human remains, animal remains, or another biohazardous material, we will remove the contamination. We’ll then make sure to sterilize and sanitize the area.

Along with adhering to both state and federal regulations, we also create extensive documentation, ensuring that you have all the information you need to guarantee everyone walking through the halls of your institution is safe.


  • Reroofs on a Planned Basis

Roofs are one of the most expensive parts of any building, which is why it often makes sense for institutions to look into reroofing. Instead of having to replace your entire roof, reroofing allows you to only replace the roof covering.

  • Emergency Tarping

A hole in your roof represents a major emergency, since it can let the elements in, leading to water damage and other issues. For this reason, we provide emergency tarping to cover the hole. We can then discuss a plan of action to repair the hole.

  • Recoating

Since roofs are one of the most expensive parts of a building, it’s often a good idea to prolong its lifespan as much as possible. This is why we’ll reapply your roof’s membrane coating.

  • Repairs

Your roof protects students and worshippers from the elements. As a licensed general contractor firm, we’re proud to install and repair all major roof types. We’re an approved service provider for:

  • Carlisle
  • FiberTite
  • Firestone
  • GAF
  • Johns Manville
  • Mulehide


  • Room Refreshes

Sometimes, a refresh is all it takes to revitalize an aging building. Sometimes, it can be as simple as a coat of paint! We also work with institutions to add new fixtures or finishes as the project requires.

  • Exterior Paint & Stonework

First impressions matter. Whether you want us to bring a fresh look to a recently built school or you need us to update the stonework on a church that’s been around for decades, we are prepared to assist you.

No matter what your religious affiliation is, we use our discretion while trying to change a place of worship’s aesthetic. We know that when recommending significant changes to a cherished house of worship, the public’s interest is essential.


Institutional markets experience large amounts of foot traffic, which means they need durable flooring that’s easy to maintain. We have significant experience with flooring, and we’re prepared to help you find and install the material that’s best suited to your needs.


Common Area Upgrades

Educational institutions often spend a significant portion of their budgets upgrading common areas. These efforts can completely redefine campus life and invigorate student learning. We’ll discuss any upgrades you’re interested in, working with you to develop a timeline and execute it.

It’s also a good idea for places of worship to update their common areas. These upgrades can generate excitement among a body of worshippers, bringing a congregation into the 21st century.


University bookstore

ADA Compliance Updates

ADA regulations state that postsecondary institutions need to be accessible to people with disabilities.

BlueTeam is prepared to help public-funded universities, vocational schools, and community colleges maintain compliance under Title II of the ADA. We are also ready to help privately funded schools comply with Title III.

While places of worship are exempt from ADA compliance, it is still useful for religious leaders to keep in mind accessibility. After all, making your facilities more accessible to a wider range of people allows for more inclusive religious gatherings.


Let BlueTeam Help Your Institutional Property

Whether you need restorations, renovations, or roofing services, BlueTeam is prepared to help. Contact us today so we can discuss your situation and get your building the care it needs.

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We are your trusted partner in times of need.