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Portfolio Services

Portfolio Services

Portfolio Services

BlueTeam offers tools and services for portfolio owners and operators. These tools and services enable them to drive efficiencies while having visibility across their entire portfolio – all while only needing to work with a single nationwide provider.

We pair our best-in-class construction, roofing, and restoration services built around our client’s specific commercial property types. We also add on our portfolio services to make our client’s experience second to none.

Our ever-growing portfolio services include:

BlueTeam’s BlueLine Agreement


Our no-obligation, non-exclusive BlueLine Agreement offers portfolio owners and operators pre-negotiated discounted rate sheets and priority during a natural disaster. This ensures that we can prioritize our staff and equipment for your portfolio when the next big storm hits, allowing us to start working on your properties as quickly as possible.

Pre-Loss Assessments


We help clients develop a proactive response plan during a disaster. Our pre-loss assessments keep your individual property information at everyone’s fingertips, allowing us to get to work without waiting on answers when minutes count. Our team will partner with your property managers and engineers. Together, we will work to map out power needs, locations for energizing a building during a disaster, building-specific shut-off information, and more. We keep the property information accessible 24/7 for both teams to utilize when needed.

Portfolio Risk Analysis


BlueTeam will put together a portfolio risk analysis after working with your executive team and reviewing all properties within your portfolio. We will find properties currently at risk and discover ways to proactively improve their risk profile. We’ll also develop a game plan to lessen the long-term cost associated with the properties.

Property-Specific Weather Tracking


We work with multiple weather services to track the potential weather and confirm past weather events that affected our client’s properties. We alert the local property contacts of the potential issues that can arise from the weather events and will come out to assess if damage occurred, repairing problems before they lead to significant losses at the property.

BlueTeam App Access


Our proprietary software allows portfolio owners and operators to have 24/7 access to all project information across restoration, construction, and roofing projects. The system lets your executive team see current costs live as projects progress. The BlueTeam App gives transparency and drives more open communication throughout the project lifecycle.

Incident / Loss Reporting and Oversight


We enable our property-level clients to report incidents or property losses and give oversight to the executive management team by region or across the entire portfolio. The system allows tracking of outside costs as well as restoration and construction services associated with the loss when applicable.

Portfolio Due Diligence


Our portfolio due diligence service provides investigative assessments supporting underwriting allowances or credits and identifying post-closing capital needs.

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Why Choose BlueTeam for your Portfolio?

With a nationwide single-source footprint, not franchised, your portfolio of properties will get consistent quality and customer service from BlueTeam. In addition, we give preferred pricing and priority to our portfolio clients when it’s most needed. Our additional tools and services built specifically for portfolio owners and operators will give you even more visibility, increasing efficiencies and driving extra cost savings.

Want to Learn More About Our Portfolio Services?

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced partner to help maintain your portfolio of properties, trust in BlueTeam’s experience and dedication to customer success. Interested in working with BlueTeam and having access to our portfolio toolkit? Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive range of services and to have all your questions answered.

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See how BlueTeam can help with your property portfolio.