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Property Weather Tracking

Property Weather Tracking

Property Weather Tracking

One of the biggest concerns for commercial portfolio managers is what happens before and after a significant weather event. Having a plan of action and a trusted construction firm to offer emergency response and restoration services is a must. 

At BlueTeam, we strive to always keep you updated and our services within arm’s reach. Our proprietary software platform (the BlueTeam app) is designed to empower portfolio operators with real-time weather and project tracking. This way, you can always be prepared and stay one step ahead of nature.  

Risk management is essential in any project, and extreme weather is always one of the biggest concerns when it comes to managing a large portfolio. We make it easier than ever to prepare and avoid these risks. 


The Power of Weather Tracking 

Our job doesn’t stop at the work site. We are constantly looking for ways to improve communication and education, so you are always prepared and know what to do in case of an emergency.  

One of the most effective ways of doing this is through our weather monitoring system in our app. We offer real-time, 24/7 updates and alerts for a wide range of weather conditions that may affect your property. 

How Does the Weather Tracking Work?

The BlueTeam app uses weather-tracking software in conjunction with mapping technology to deliver up-to-the-minute updates on changes in weather. Our alerts are designed to inform our clients about potentially hazardous conditions so they can prepare. You will receive an alert when one or more of your properties could be affected, and the notification will include how many locations are involved, as well as the time and duration of the event.

Why is Weather Tracking Important?

We use a global weather alert system to keep you informed about conditions that may affect properties across your portfolio. Preparation is crucial, and this feature can help you with emergency response and reduce risks of damage.

Weather tracking does three things for portfolio managers and contractors:

Risk management and mitigation:


By closely monitoring weather patterns and forecasts, property operators can identify potential hazards, such as severe storms, hurricanes, or flooding, and take appropriate measures to protect their properties.  

This could involve preventative maintenance, ensuring proper drainage systems are in place, reinforcing structures, or even evacuating tenants if necessary. Timely action can minimize damage to properties, reduce repair costs, and protect the value of the portfolio. 

Operational planning and resource allocation:


Weather tracking enables property portfolio operators to plan and allocate resources more effectively. For example, by anticipating extreme weather events, operators can schedule maintenance, repairs, or construction projects to minimize disruptions and ensure the safety of workers and tenants.  

Moreover, operators can allocate resources, such as emergency response teams, equipment, and supplies, to the areas most likely to be affected by severe weather, improving their overall preparedness and responsiveness. 


Insurance management and claims processing: 


Accurate weather tracking can help property portfolio operators manage insurance policies more effectively. By staying informed about potential weather-related risks, operators can ensure they have the appropriate insurance coverage to protect their assets.  

Furthermore, in the event of a weather-related incident, operators can use weather data to substantiate insurance claims, potentially accelerating the claims process and enabling quicker access to funds for repairs.                         

Who Can Take Advantage of the Weather Tracking Feature? 

Weather tracking, and our app in general, are ideal for anyone managing one or multiple properties. Typically, our client base is made up of: 

  • Asset managers  
  • Portfolio owners  
  • Operators 
  • Third-party representatives  


What Types of Alerts Will I Receive? 

Our app will inform you of any impending weather phenomena that may affect a property, even if we are not working on it. This includes flood watches and general storm alerts.  

 Additional Weather Features 

The comprehensive weather notification system includes several important details that challenge even the most advanced weather apps. On the app’s weather screen, you will be able to see the expected amount of rain or snow in a given area.  

Along with the weather notifications, we also include certain environmental factors that may affect the project or existing structures. Namely, we keep track of high levels of humidity in the air.  

BlueTeam Weather Tools 

BlueTeam is dedicated to helping property portfolio operators stay informed about weather-related risks and manage their assets more effectively. Our cutting-edge weather tracking app  offers a range of features designed to provide real-time, actionable insights, allowing you to make informed decisions and protect your properties. Some of the key features of our app include: 


Our innovative Layers feature allows clients to customize their weather tracking view by adding weather layers that display vital information such as storm tracking, radar data, and precipitation levels. With a wide variety of layers, overlays, alerts, and map types available, you can create a personalized, comprehensive view of the weather patterns and conditions most relevant to your properties.

Hurricane Tracking

Stay ahead of hurricane season with our dedicated Hurricane Tracking feature. Clients can view properties that lie in the path of a storm using Active Model and Active Tropical Track, allowing for efficient preparation and risk mitigation. Keep a close eye on developing hurricanes and their potential impact on your properties to ensure optimal preparedness.

Peril Detail View

Our Peril Detail View allows you to drill down into property-level alerts, giving you the most accurate and granular information about potential weather-related risks. This feature enables you to make informed decisions about how to protect individual properties and respond to threats as they arise.


With our intuitive Filter feature, you can easily sort and view data based on specific criteria such as states, peril types, and more. This allows you to quickly access the information most relevant to your properties and stay focused on the weather events that matter to your portfolio.

Mobile Access 

BlueTeam Weather Tools is designed for seamless mobile access, ensuring that you can stay informed and make critical decisions even when you're on the go. Our mobile app offers the same powerful layers and filters as the desktop version, allowing you to stay up-to-date on weather-related risks no matter where you are.

Property-Level Email Alerts

Stay informed and respond quickly to potential threats with our Property-Level Email Alerts. BlueTeam Weather Tools can send peril-specific emails immediately to local property contacts, enabling you to act quickly and minimize damage. With real-time notifications, you can ensure that the right people are informed and ready to take action.

Responding to a Weather Emergency 

At BlueTeam, we are no strangers to dealing with emergency situations. Not only do we offer real-time weather alerts and daily updates, but we also provide 24/7 emergency response.  

Every minute counts when a project is affected by severe weather conditions, and we are ready to minimize the impact on our clients.  

Water Damage

Whether the cause of water damage is a storm or a broken pipe, we take immediate action to prevent further damage. The effects of water damage tend to worsen over time as humidity seeps into foundations or causes mold growth. We act fast to remove pooled water and reduce the scope of the problem. 


Sometimes there’s no way around what nature can throw at us, and in those cases, it’s best to hunker down. We aim to reduce any potential damage to your property by boarding up openings and tarping roofs where needed.  

Debris Removal

If your property(s) has been affected by a major weather event, we arrive quickly to remove any debris that could impede access. This helps get you back to business quickly.  

Storm Response

We monitor developing storm systems and notify our clients if their properties are at risk. Tracking the path of storms allows us to make the needed preparations and mobilize our team to reduce indirect or consequential damage after a significant weather event.  

Post-Storm Review 

After a severe storm or natural disaster, we can conduct a thorough post storm review to properly appraise the full extent of needed repairs. It is often the case that damage extends beyond what can be observed superficially.  

For instance, water intrusion can go past walls and into the frame and foundation of a building – this means that preventing mold growth requires a comprehensive review that considers areas that at first glance might not have looked like they were affected.  

At Blue Team Corp, we understand the importance of this process to ensure that all potential concerns are identified and addressed. Our team of experienced professionals is equipped to handle any type of property damage, from water and mold to wind and storm damage. We use the latest technology and equipment to assess the extent of the damage and develop a comprehensive plan for restoration. 

BlueTeam is Here to Keep Projects On Schedule and Your Property Protected with Weather Tracking Technology

At BluetTeam, we believe in a value-added approach to improve client satisfaction and ensure the best possible results.  

Through our app, you can access a unique set of benefits that few other construction firms offer. Specifically, our weather tracking software will keep you updated on changing conditions that can impact your properties. If you want to learn more about the BlueTeam difference, get in touch with our team today!  

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