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For a commercial property owner or manager, their facility is more than a workspace. It is oftentimes the “face” of their business, and is the invaluable first impression that visitors, guests and clients walk away with.

Regardless of the industry, it is vital that the exterior of your building or property is representative of both the high level of service you provide and the clientele that you serve. At BlueTeam, this is accomplished through material selection, comprehensive understanding of the project scope, laser-focused attention to detail, and elite craftsmanship.

We offer several options for commercial building construction, and our teams of experienced professionals are skilled, trained and capable of executing whatever a client may need regardless of the exterior style, design or material type.

Exterior Building Materials



Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS) combine insulation and finishing coats to provide a synthetic stucco look to commercial designs. This method adds additional insulation to the building, while improving energy efficiency. The exterior finish of EIFS is rough to the touch.

Fiber Cement


Fiber cement siding is comprised of rough sand and cement mixed with wood fibers, making it much denser than vinyl and allowing it to withstand severe weather conditions. This finish resembles wood but lasts much longer than traditional wood siding. Fiber cement does not contract or expand at the same rate as wood and vinyl, enabling paint to last longer on the service and require less maintenance.

Mortarless Brick Veneer


Mortarless brick veneer exteriors provide a clean and professional look. These exteriors are durable and are designed to withstand small impacts and weather damage better than other brick materials. The installation process is simpler for mortarless brick veneer than it is for mortared brick, which makes it a more cost-effective siding solution.



Traditional stucco siding is created by mixing sand, lime, water and cement. A galvanized-metal screening and a waterproof barrier paper are applied over wood walls before stucco is added to provide a strong base and to protect the walls underneath. Stucco is very rigid, so careful installation is required to help reduce the possibility of unwanted and unsightly cracks.

Synthetic Stone or Brick


Synthetic stone or brick facades provide a comfortable stone look without the maintenance issues associated with real stonework material. Synthetics are durable and will not break as easily as real stonework materials. Synthetics are also waterproof and flame resistant.

Vinyl Siding


Advances in technology and manufacturing have drastically improved the appearance and durability of vinyl siding, which is made from PVC. Newer designs and engineering mimic the look of various cladding and architectural accents including slate, stone and wood, and is available in a wide assortment of colors.

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