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Debris Removal

Debris Removal

Debris Removal

After a storm or fire, BlueTeam will assess any damage to your property. Our crew will bring the proper equipment and personnel for debris removal around or on the building. The goal is to get your office and its surrounding property back to usable condition, allowing staff to resume work safely and guests to come back to the property.

Most Common Types of Debris

All kinds of debris can surround your commercial property after a storm. While it may only seem like an inconvenience, certain types can be dangerous. For example, someone may accidentally get cut on a piece of glass lying around or electrocuted by a downed powerline hidden under the rubble.

Below are some of the kinds of debris you may find outside your property after a storm:

  • Vegetation
  • Municipal solid waste
  • Construction and demolition debris
  • Household hazardous waste
  • Scrap metal

Reasons to Hire a Professional for Debris Removal

While some people can try to clear smaller debris from their commercial property, hiring a professional to handle larger jobs is always more effective. Below are several reasons why this would be beneficial:



Trusting a company to clean up the debris after a natural disaster is convenient. You won’t have to carve out time to clear the waste or perform manual labor when someone else can do it for you. Get back to business much faster and with a peace of mind knowing you have a professional getting the job done.


It’s much safer to allow professionals to handle debris cleanup. There’s a high chance some areas might becontaminated or contain hazardous waste that only trained workers know how to clean up. Most natural disaster-related fatalities or injuries occur during the aftermath when people attempt to clean up hazardous debris left behind.


Professionals get the job done much more efficiently than if you attempted it alone. For safety reasons, certain kinds of debris should be placed in their own pile and disposed of in particular ways. When you call our team, you can ensure that the job will get done effectively so your building can be safe and usable for everyone.


You know the job will get done quickly and on time if you call an experienced contractor to do it. Trained professionals from BlueTeam won’t waste any time getting your business back up and running, and one step towards that is debris removal. Our team promises to arrive promptly to clear your property of any debris that can hinder your work.

Saves Money

Believe it or not, having debris on your property can cost you more money over time. Calling a professional to clear post-storm waste can save your business a lot by avoiding several concerns, such as:

  • Property damage
  • Accidents
  • Hazards
  • Insurance
  • Prevents Illnesses

    Waste on your property after a storm can also harm your health. Our team can clear debris from gutters and downspouts, allowing water to flow safely away from the property. If leaves, shrubs, and other garbage are left to collect in your sewage, it can impact the water you use to drink or wash your hands. You don’t want to risk contamination and illnesses by having toxic elements from debris running through your pipes.

    Prevents Legal Issues

    If you ignore the debris and continue to let stuff pile up in front of your property, you will eventually get a notice from your city or county. They will warn you that you must clear the area of any debris or junk by a specific date, or you will get fined. Hiring a professional team to help will get the job done quickly and prevent your company from getting into any legal trouble.

    What Should You do Before Scheduling a Debris Removal Service?

    Before our team comes to your property to clear debris, make sure you document everything. This is especially important if you’re getting service after dealing with fire or water damage. You’ll want to determine what items are salvageable to prevent them from accidentally getting thrown out during the cleaning process.

    removing fallen leaves and branches

    Commonly Asked Questions

    Do you have any additional questions about our debris removal services? We’re happy to answer them! Below is a list of commonly asked questions we get from clients. If you have a question that isn’t listed, feel free to contact us.

    • Can I remove debris on my own? 

    While it is possible to remove debris from your property on your own, it’ll be highly inconvenient for you. It’s always the best idea to hire an experienced company to do the job more efficiently. Unless you have a large garbage truck, you will have to fill up your vehicle several times and make multiple trips to a recycling center or landfill.

    • What is vegetation debris? 

    Vegetation debris refers to what’s left of trees, bushes, and other leafy material. The strong winds from a storm may knock some branches off trees, and some whole trees may even fall and leave behind stumps or trunks. Floods and storm surges can often also deposit other types of vegetation debris, such as sand, soil, and mud.

    • What is a debris flow? 

    Debris flows are a type of fast-moving landslide. They can be destructive to properties and potentially life-threatening since they often strike without warning and destroy objects in their path. Debris flows typically occur after long periods of intense rainfall and often impact areas recently burned by forest fires.

    • What do you do with the debris after clearing it from the property? 

    After our team collects all the debris from your property, they will ensure all items go to their appropriate locations. Recyclables will go to a recycling center, usable items will be donated to charities, and anything useless will go directly to the nearest landfill.

    debris removal bags

    Looking for Professional Debris Removal Services for your hotel, senior living facility, office building or other commercial property?

    There’s no need to worry about debris cluttering your commercial property after a storm. If you need professional debris removal in your area, contact BlueTeam today. We’re happy to get your building back in its safe condition!

    We are your trusted partner in times of need.