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Pipe Bursting and Freezes

Pipe Bursting and Freezes

Pipe Bursting and Freezes

The transition of water to ice during freezing temperatures results in the expansion of water volume and often puts immense pressure within pipes, ultimately leading to their rupture. When winter’s icy grip tightens, the challenges for commercial properties multiply, with one common threat being frozen and burst pipes.

At BlueTeam, we are experts in mitigating the risks associated with frozen and burst pipes, offering tailored solutions to large portfolio owners. Our emergency response team is available round-the-clock, ensuring swift action to assess, thaw, repair, and restore your plumbing system and property.

Effects of Burst and Frozen Pipes in Commercial Spaces

When frozen pipes give way to bursts within commercial spaces, the consequences can be far-reaching and financially burdensome. 

Structural Damage

Frozen and burst pipes can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your commercial property. As water seeps into walls, ceilings, and other building components, it weakens their foundations over time. This issue not only poses a risk to the safety of occupants but also necessitates extensive and costly structural repairs.

Ignoring this aspect can lead to more significant issues down the line and affect the entire building’s stability.

Mold Infestation

Moisture intrusion stemming from burst pipes creates an environment for mold growth. Mold infestations can escalate rapidly and have severe health implications for building occupants. Hence, addressing this consequence of burst pipes is critical.

Financial Impact

The financial repercussions of burst pipes extend beyond immediate repair costs. Water damage restoration can be an expensive endeavor, and the potential for business disruptions can further strain your finances. The longer the issue persists, the more significant the financial toll, making it essential to act swiftly.

Energy Inefficiency

An often-overlooked consequence of frozen pipes is the strain they impose on your heating systems. To counteract freezing temperatures, heating systems work tirelessly, leading to a spike in energy consumption and increased utility costs.

Moreover, prolonged exposure to freezing conditions may result in the wear and tear of heating equipment, necessitating expensive repairs or replacements.

Operational Disruption

Burst pipes can disrupt your commercial operations, leading to downtime and lost revenue. For instance, the need to shut off water supply and address the damage can slow down daily routines, inconvenience tenants, and affect your business’s reputation.

Our Services for Frozen and Burst Pipes

Emergency Response Team

Our dedicated emergency response team stands ready 24/7 to spring into action when frozen or burst pipes threaten your commercial property. Upon arrival, they begin by conducting a thorough assessment of the situation to identify the extent of the pipe damage, the location of the burst, and the potential for water intrusion.

Next, our team takes immediate steps to mitigate further issues, such as shutting off the water supply to prevent additional leakage and removing standing water.

Pipe Thawing and Repair

Thawing frozen pipes is a delicate task that requires precision and expertise. Our technicians utilize specialized equipment and safe thawing methods to restore water flow without causing damage to the pipes.

After thawing, we proceed with the necessary repairs. Our team locates the damaged sections, replaces or repairs burst pipes, and ensures the integrity of the entire plumbing system. We also insulate vulnerable areas to reduce the risk of future freezing.

Structural Restoration

When frozen and burst pipes lead to structural damage, our team steps in to address this critical aspect. We meticulously assess the structural components affected by water intrusion, such as walls, ceilings, and floors.

The restoration process involves removing damaged materials, such as drywall, insulation, and flooring. Subsequently, we employ industry-standard techniques to restore structural integrity. This may include re-framing, re-insulating, and replacing materials to bring your commercial space back to its pre-damage condition.

Mold Remediation

Our certified mold remediation specialists conduct a thorough inspection to identify mold infestations and then employ cutting-edge techniques to eliminate mold colonies.

During the process, they contain the area to prevent the spread of mold spores, remove contaminated materials, and perform a thorough cleaning and disinfection. Air quality testing is also performed to ensure your commercial space is safe for occupants.

Why Choose BlueTeam for Your Frozen and Burst Pipes Needs

Years of Experience


BlueTeam boasts a team of highly skilled professionals with expertise in dealing with frozen and burst pipes. Our technicians are well-versed in the complexities of commercial plumbing systems and have knowledge needed to address any issues.

Comprehensive Solutions


BlueTeam offers a wide range of services designed to address every aspect of frozen and burst pipes, from thawing and repairs to structural restoration and mold remediation. By choosing us, you gain access to a suite of solutions under one roof. This streamlines the process, eliminates the need to coordinate with multiple contractors, and guarantees a seamless and efficient restoration process.

Cutting-Edge Equipment


Our commitment to delivering top-notch services extends to our use of state-of-the-art technology. We have invested in the latest tools and machinery to let our technicians carry out their work with precision and efficiency. When you work with us, you can trust that your frozen and burst pipe issues will be addressed using the best available resources.

Transparent Communication


BlueTeam values transparent communication. We keep you informed every step of the way, from initial assessment to project completion. Our team is readily available to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. We also offer the BlueTeam app, which allows commercial property owners to have real-time updates, track progress, and manage documents throughout the construction process.

Proven Track Record


BlueTeam has earned the trust of industry leaders and large portfolio owners. Our reputation is built on a history of successful projects and satisfied clients. When you choose BlueTeam, you’re aligning yourself with a partner who has a proven track record of delivering results.

Contact Us for Quality Frozen and Burst Pipe Solutions

Choose BlueTeam for excellence in pipe bursting and freezes solutions. Contact one of our locations today and experience peace of mind knowing your commercial property is in capable hands.