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Landscaping Commercial Buildings to Reduce Storm-time Flooding

Written By BlueTeam  |  June 11, 2020

As the number one natural disaster in the United States, flooding can take place with little to no warning, reminding us how important it is to be prepared and practice flood solutions.

Commercial buildings, like any property, are subject to costly weather-related water damage. Floods may result from rain, snow, coastal storms, storm surges, and overflows of water systems.

With a few simple landscaping additions, you can mitigate damaging soil erosion and manage stormwater runoff, resulting in potential savings on flood-related property damage.

Level Sloping Ground

  • To avoid incoming water, the ground should always slope away from your building in all directions.
  • This allows melting snow and rain to flow away from your building, preventing flooding.


Choose Local Plants

  • When landscaping your building, experts suggest using indigenous plants to help prevent soil erosion.
  • This can also help rainwater drain more efficiently.


Consider Using Mulch

  • Using mulch in garden areas or around your building can prevent water from flowing towards your building.
  • Just a few inches of mulch can help absorb rainwater and keep soil in place to avoid runoff.


Position Downspouts Properly

  • Ensure that downspouts are situated so that water from the roof flows away from the property.
  • This can help prevent flooding next to the walls and foundation of your building.


When it comes to creating a flood-resistant landscape, it’s important to remember that regardless of the measures you do or do not take, flood-related damage can still happen. The most valuable tool is the ability to recognize and mitigate flood-risk conditions ahead of time.

BlueTeam actively monitors your properties' exposure to weather events, keeping you and your team informed of potential threats including flooding. Call us to report a loss 24/7: 855-522-8500 or enter an incident report directly through the app.


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