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Inspection Checklist: Reopening Your Business

Written By BlueTeam  |  May 26, 2020

With many states in the process of reopening, businesses large and small have begun taking tentative steps to reopen stores, offices, and factories that were closed due to coronavirus.

How can businesses minimize the risks associated with reopening? BlueTeam’s experts have created a checklist to help you navigate the potential risks you and your building could face throughout the process of reopening.


Inspection Checklist:




  • Check for pipe breaks
  • Flush pipes to prevent legionnaires
  • Check toilet valves/seals for potential leaks




  • Check mechanical equipment for proper functionality
  • Replace A/C filters
  • Check for air handling system damage




  • Check electrical systems, especially exterior services for damages
  • Check fire & burglar alarm panels
  • Re-boot and check low-voltage systems (i.e. phones, printers)




  • Inspect exteriors for damages from hail/wind (i.e. roofs, windows)
  • Clear gutters and courtyard drain from any fallen leaves and debris
  • Check for vandalism and theft at entry points




  • Check for odors, which are signs of environmental issues
  • Check basements for any moisture
  • Inspect for rodents/pests


As your Restoration, Construction, and Roofing provider, BlueTeam is here for you 24/7. From issues that arise during building reopenings to weather events, we are ready to assist with your commercial facilities. Call us 24/7: 855.522.8500.

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