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Ice Dam Removal


Ice Dam Removal

Ice dams develop when snow accumulates on the roof and melts, only to refreeze along the colder eaves. This process creates a barrier that blocks proper drainage and can lead to water seepage into a building. For commercial properties, ice dams can mean damage to roofing, insulation, and interior spaces, as well as potential hazards for occupants.

Successfully managing ice dams requires a systematic approach. At BlueTeam, we specialize in delivering specialized ice dam removal services designed for commercial buildings. Our skilled technicians have the expertise and tools necessary to address ice damming and restore the safety and integrity of your properties.

Moreover, our comprehensive understanding of commercial roofing systems, building codes, and safety protocols allows us to devise targeted solutions that address the root causes of ice damming while minimizing disruption to your operations.

Common Areas Prone to Ice Dam Formation on Commercial Buildings

Roof Valleys

Since roof valleys are low points, they collect and channel water runoff, creating ideal conditions for ice dams to develop.

Without proper insulation and ventilation, heat escaping from the commercial building interior can accelerate snowmelt in these areas and increase the likelihood of ice damming.

Gutters and Downspouts

When gutters and downspouts become blocked with debris, water runoff from melting snow has nowhere to go, leading to stagnant pools of water that can freeze and form ice dams along the roof edge.

Roof Edges

Areas along the roof perimeter are susceptible to ice damming, especially on commercial buildings with inadequate insulation or insufficient overhangs.

As warm air escapes from the building interior, it can cause snow to melt near the roof edge, where temperatures are colder, and result in the formation of ice dams.

Flat Roofs

Without the natural slope to facilitate water drainage, snow and ice in flat roofs can accumulate more easily, which increases the risk of ice dam formation along the roof perimeter.

Dormers and Skylights

Dormers and skylights are areas of vulnerability on commercial buildings, as they protrude from the main roof surface and create potential weak points for ice dam formation.

Additionally, insulation problems or improper flashing around these features can contribute to heat loss and snowmelt and lead to ice dams.

Chimneys and Ventilation Pipes

Chimneys and ventilation pipes often release warm air into the attic space, creating temperature differentials that contribute to uneven snowmelt and subsequent ice accumulation.

commercial property in need of ice dam removal
commercial building in need of ice dam removal

The Process of Ice Dam Removal

Initial Assessment and Inspection

Before commencing ice dam removal, our team conducts a thorough assessment of the commercial property to evaluate the extent of the ice damming and identify any underlying issues that may contribute to the problem. We will inspect the roof structure, drainage systems, insulation, and ventilation to pinpoint areas of concern.

During this phase, our technicians also examine the roof’s condition, assessing the severity and location of ice dams. We identify potential causes of ice dam formation, such as deficient insulation or ventilation, which may need to be addressed to prevent future issues.

Development of Removal Plan

Based on the findings of the initial assessment, our team develops a tailored removal plan designed to address the specific needs of the commercial property. The plan takes into account factors such as roof slope, materials, accessibility, and environmental conditions to determine the most effective removal methods.

We consider the use of specialized equipment and tools, such as steamers, chemical solutions, or roof rakes, to effectively eliminate ice dams from the roof surface.

Execution of Removal Techniques

With the plan in place, our skilled technicians proceed to implement the chosen removal techniques with precision and care. This step may involve the use of steam melting, chemical solutions, roof raking, heat cables, or a combination of these methods.

Our team employs industry-leading techniques and equipment to address ice damming and minimize the risk of damage to roofing materials. We apply steam or chemical solutions to gradually melt the ice dams, allowing for controlled removal without causing harm to the roof structure.

Monitoring and Follow-Up

Throughout the process, our team monitors environmental conditions and adjusts the approach as needed to ensure optimal results. We conduct follow-up inspections to verify the effectiveness of the removal efforts and address remaining issues or concerns.

We also provide recommendations for preventive measures based on weather monitoring to minimize the risk of future ice dams.

Benefits of Professional Ice Dam Removal Services

Prevention of Structural Damage

Prompt removal of ice dams prevents water infiltration into the building envelope, which can lead to severe structural damage over time. By eliminating the barriers created by ice dams, professional removal services help safeguard roofs, walls, and ceilings from moisture-related issues such as rot, decay, and deterioration.

Mitigation of Water Damage

When ice dams block proper drainage, melting snow can seep into walls, ceilings, and insulation, causing extensive water damage and creating conducive conditions for mold growth.

Professional ice dam removal services restore proper drainage, which prevents water from infiltrating interior spaces and minimizes the likelihood of mold infestations. In the long term, ice dam removal also helps preserve indoor air quality, protects valuable assets, and avoid expensive repairs or remediation efforts.

Preservation of Roofing Materials

Aside from threatening the integrity of the commercial building’s structure, ice dams threaten the roofing materials themselves.

The weight of ice dams can exert significant pressure on roof surfaces, leading to damage or displacement of shingles, flashing, and other components. In addition, the repeated cycles of freezing and thawing associated with ice damming can weaken roofing materials and compromise their durability and performance.

Professional ice dam removal services employ careful techniques to eliminate ice dams without causing harm to roofing materials, which preserves their integrity and prolonging their lifespan.

Enhancement of Property Value

A well-maintained commercial property with a history of proactive maintenance and risk mitigation measures is more attractive to potential buyers and tenants.

Demonstrating a commitment to property preservation and safety allows commercial property owners to increase the marketability of their assets, leading to higher resale or rental values and greater returns on investment in the long run.


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