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Construction worker wearing safety harness belt during working on roof structure of building on construction site,Roofer using air or pneumatic nail gun and installing metal roof tile on top new roof.
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How to Save Money by Extending Roof Longevity

Written By BlueTeam  |  July 7, 2020

Unplanned commercial roof replacements can not only be a costly endeavor but a disruption to business.

Understanding how to extend the life of your commercial roof means understanding the issues that affect your roof’s lifespan, as well as what you can do to protect your roof from those issues.

As one of the most critical components of your property, it is essential to practice proper preventative maintenance techniques.

Schedule Regular Roof Inspections

Hiring a professional roofing contractor to conduct an annual inspection of your roof can extend roof longevity and save you money over time.

A few additional benefits of commercial roof inspections:

• Can prevent major issues
• Ensures previous issues were properly corrected
• Maintains roof warranty

BlueTeam performs complimentary bi-annual to annual roof inspections for our clients, giving a written analysis of the general condition of your roof system including an estimated remaining lifespan and recommendations for repairs or replacements.

Fix Damage As Soon As Possible

The sooner you repair roof damage, the chance that the issue could develop into something more complex lessens. Weather-related inspections are a great way to stay proactive with roof repairs.

BlueTeam monitors hail, wind, and other weather events and notifying you of potential threats to your property and offers post-storm inspections to ensure the roof hasn’t been compromised.

Clean the Roof Regularly

Dirt and debris can collect in your gutter and eventually clog them. Clogged gutters will inhibit proper drainage, which eventually leads to rusting and leaks.

Regular roof cleaning prevents buckling by removing the unnecessary weight of debris on the roof. It also prevents the growth of moss, mold, and rot.

Remove Standing Water

Stagnant water on your roof may seem harmless but if ignored, it can cause significant damage. As flat roofs are not steep enough to drain stagnant water, they are more susceptible to damage incurred by standing water.

Be aware of standing water on your roof and contact BlueTeam to inspect for potential damage.

Consider Roof Coating

Roof coatings are another option when looking to extend the life of your commercial roof. Roof coatings are used to restore all types of deteriorating roof membrane by protecting your roof from moisture, sun, and physical damage.

A few reasons to choose roof coatings:

  • Financially conservative - highly durable
  • Water-proof
  • No tear-off required
  • No drilling, hammering, welding
  • Environmentally friendly

Contact BlueTeam to discuss how roof coatings can allow for maximum use of your roofing system at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Formulate a Portfolio Wide Plan

Using the written analysis of your roofing systems, our experts will help you create a portfolio-wide plan, highlighting the roofs that need replacement and those which need repairs, keeping in mind your yearly budget.

A well-executed plan will not only extend the life of your roof but it will also detect problematic areas before it’s too late.

Contact BlueTeam today to discuss our roof inspection and maintenance programs.

We are your trusted partner in times of need.