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Emergency Services After Winter Storms


Emergency Services After Winter Storms

As winter storms bear down with their snowfall and high winds, commercial properties find themselves in the crosshairs of potential damage and disruption. The threats are numerous, including rom roof damage, water infiltration, power outages.

During such difficult times, the need for swift and effective restoration services cannot be overstated. That’s where Blue Team steps in — a dedicated partner with solutions for commercial properties in the aftermath of winter storms. Our experienced team is ready to respond day or night, ready to tackle the challenging task of restoration.

What Emergencies Can Happen in Commercial Buildings During a Winter Storm?

Structural Damage

Winter storms can exert immense pressure on commercial building structures and lead to various forms of damage. Heavy snow accumulation on rooftops can exceed weight tolerances, causing roofs to sag or even collapse.

Similarly, high winds accompanying winter storms can exacerbate structural weaknesses and damage exterior walls, windows, or doors.

Water Infiltration

Water infiltration is a common issue during winter storms, particularly when ice dams form on rooftops or when snow melts and seeps into the building envelope.

Infiltration results in interior water damage, including stained ceilings, warped floors, and damaged insulation. Moreover, prolonged exposure to moisture can foster mold growth, posing health risks to occupants.

Frozen Pipes

Subfreezing temperatures during winter storms can cause pipes within commercial buildings to freeze and burst. When water freezes inside pipes, it expands, exerting pressure on the pipe walls and leading to cracks or ruptures.

Burst pipes trigger significant water damage and disrupt essential services within the building. To prevent this issue, exposed pipes must be insulated and adequate heating should be maintained throughout the building.

Power Outages

Winter storms often bring down power lines or disrupt electrical systems, which causes power outages in commercial buildings. These outages affect lighting, heating, and essential equipment, making occupants uncomfortable and affecting business operations.

Having backup power sources, such as generators, and implementing contingency plans can help mitigate the impact of power outages during winter storms.

Ice Dams

Ice dams form when snow on the roof melts and refreezes near the eaves, creating a barrier that prevents proper drainage. Trapped water can seep under shingles and into the building, causing water damage to ceilings, walls, and insulation.

Preventive measures, such as ensuring proper attic insulation and ventilation, can help reduce the risk of ice dam formation and subsequent water damage.

HVAC System Failure

Extreme cold temperatures during winter storms can strain HVAC systems and result in malfunctions or failures. Heating systems may struggle to maintain desired temperatures, causing discomfort for occupants and damage to plumbing fixtures.

Equipment Damage

Exterior equipment, such as HVAC units, signage, and outdoor fixtures, are susceptible to damage during winter storms. Heavy snowfall, ice accumulation, and strong winds can cause equipment to become dislodged or damaged, interrupting operations and posing safety hazards.

Securing and protecting outdoor equipment before the onset of winter storms can help minimize the risk of damage.

Foundation Cracks

Freeze-thaw cycles during winter storms can cause soil beneath commercial buildings to expand and contract, leading to foundation movement and potential cracking.

Foundation cracks can also compromise the structural integrity of the building and cause uneven settling, sloping floors, and alignment issues with doors and windows.

BlueTeam’s Emergency Services

Water Damage

In the event of water intrusion, whether from burst pipes, roof leaks, or flooding, BlueTeam swiftly mobilizes to assess the extent of the damage and deploy advanced water extraction and drying techniques.

With our arsenal of modern equipment, we ensure thorough water removal and structural drying to prevent mold growth and structural deterioration.


When biohazardous situations arise, such as sewage backups or hazardous material spills, Blue Team’s trained technicians adhere to stringent safety protocols and utilize specialized equipment for safe removal and disposal.

Thorough decontamination procedures are implemented to restore a hygienic and safe environment, prioritizing the well-being of occupants and personnel.

Debris Removal

Following severe weather events, rapid debris removal is paramount to restore access and safety within commercial properties.

At BlueTeam, we employ heavy-duty equipment and efficient debris removal strategies to clear obstructions, including fallen trees, building materials, and other hazards, facilitating the restoration process and minimizing disruptions.

Emergency Roofing

In the aftermath of roof damage caused by winter storms or other weather-related incidents, BlueTeam offers prompt emergency roofing solutions to safeguard the building from further water infiltration and structural compromise.

Our experts conduct rapid assessments, implement temporary repairs, and provide permanent roofing solutions to fortify the building envelope and prevent interior damage.


For properties requiring extensive structural repairs or reconstruction after winter storms, BlueTeam offers comprehensive reconstruction services tailored to each project’s specific requirements.

From structural enhancements to interior remodeling, our skilled professionals leverage their expertise and resources to deliver superior reconstruction solutions while causing minimal interruptions to business operations.

Property-Specific Weather Tracking

Utilizing advanced weather tracking technology and in collaboration with multiple weather services, BlueTeam monitors and analyzes weather patterns to anticipate potential threats and assess past weather events that may have impacted your commercial properties.

This approach enables us to alert local property contacts of potential issues, assess damage promptly, and implement preventive measures to mitigate losses during winter storms or other weather events.

Pre-loss Assessment

BlueTeam conducts thorough pre-loss assessments in partnership with clients to develop proactive response plans tailored to each property’s needs. By keeping property information accessible 24/7 and collaborating closely with property managers and engineers, we map out critical details such as power needs, building-specific shut-off information, and emergency protocols.

BlueTeam App Access

We revolutionize project management and communication with our proprietary BlueTeam App, providing portfolio owners and operators with unparalleled 24/7 access to all project information about their restoration, construction, and roofing projects.

With our innovative software, your executive team gains real-time visibility into project progress, allowing them to monitor current costs and track developments as they unfold.

The BlueTeam App fosters transparency and facilitates open communication throughout the project lifecycle, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions and drive successful outcomes.

The Blue Team Advantage

Proven Track Record

BlueTeam boasts a proven track record of success in delivering exceptional results across a diverse portfolio of restoration projects. With years of experience and countless satisfied clients, we have earned a reputation for reliability, professionalism, and quality craftsmanship.

Specialized Expertise

Our team of professionals brings specialized expertise in commercial property restoration, encompassing water damage mitigation, structural repairs, biohazard cleanup, and more.

Thanks to our extensive training and certifications in the latest industry standards, we possess the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle even the most complex restoration challenges.

Customized Solutions

Whether it’s developing proactive response plans, conducting pre-loss assessments, or implementing targeted restoration strategies, we take a personalized approach to address our clients’ individual needs and challenges.

Transparent Communication

We believe in transparent communication and strive to keep our clients informed and involved at every stage of the restoration process.

Through our proprietary BlueTeam App and regular project updates, clients have access to real-time information, including project progress, costs, and milestones.

Commitment to Safety and Compliance

We adhere to the highest standards of safety and compliance, prioritizing the well-being of our team members, clients, and occupants of the commercial properties we serve.

Our adherence to industry regulations and best practices ensures a safe and secure working environment throughout the restoration process.

Superior Customer Service

At BlueTeam, we place a strong emphasis on delivering superior customer service and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

From our responsive 24/7 emergency response team to our dedicated project managers and support staff, we provide unparalleled support and assistance to our clients whenever they need us.

BlueTeam at Hurricane Ian

Do You Need Emergency Services After Winter Storms?

BlueTeam has years of experience in emergency restoration services, providing rapid solutions to a range of post-winter storm emergencies. Contact us today to learn more about how we can safeguard your property and ensure business continuity in the face of adversity.

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