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Commercial Water Damage


Commercial Water Damage

Water leaks in commercial buildings can cause significant damage, resulting in costly repairs and potentially disrupting business operations. 

At BlueTeam, we work with property owners to ensure that commercial water damage is addressed, and a business can resume normal operations. 

What Are the Biggest Concerns When Commercial Water Damage Occurs?

What Are the Biggest Concerns When Commercial Water Damage Occurs? 

One of the biggest concerns when commercial water damage occurs is the potential health hazards associated with standing water and moisture. Water damage can promote the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria, which can lead to respiratory issues, allergies, and other health problems. 

The longer the water damage goes unaddressed, the greater the risk of health hazards. It’s essential to act quickly to clean up and dry out the affected area to prevent further damage and potential health hazards.  

Another concern is the potential for property damage. Water can cause significant damage to floors, walls, ceilings, and other surfaces, as well as damage to furniture, equipment, and other business property. 

The longer the water damage goes unaddressed, the greater the risk of permanent damage to the property, which can be costly to repair or replace. 


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Business interruption is another significant concern. Water damage can disrupt business operations, causing delays, cancellations, and potentially even the closure of the business. This can result in lost revenue, reputational damage, and potential legal issues if customers or clients are affected by the disruption.

When commercial water damage occurs, it’s essential to take immediate action to address the situation and mitigate the damage. The first step is to stop the source of the water damage, whether it’s a burst pipe, leaky roof, or other issue. Once the source of the water damage is under control, the next step is to assess the damage and determine the best course of action.

Professional restoration services may be necessary to clean up and dry out the affected area. We have the equipment and expertise to remove standing water, dry out the area, and address any potential health hazards associated with the water damage. We can also provide guidance on the best course of action for repairing any property damage and mitigating the risk of future water damage.

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How to Prevent Commercial Water Damage 

Water damage can cause significant disruption to business operations and result in costly repairs. Therefore, it’s essential for businesses to take proactive measures to prevent commercial water damage. 

One of the most important steps in preventing commercial water damage is regular maintenance. Regular inspections of the plumbing system, HVAC system, and roof can identify and address potential issues before they become more severe. This can include fixing leaks, replacing old pipes, and repairing damaged roofs. 

In addition, regular maintenance of the building’s drainage systems, including gutters and downspouts, is critical in preventing water from accumulating around the foundation and seeping into the building. 

Another crucial step in preventing commercial water damage is the installation of water detection devices. These devices can quickly detect the presence of water and alert building occupants to potential water damage. This early warning can give employees the time they need to shut off water sources or evacuate the building before significant damage occurs. 

Backflow prevention devices are another important preventive measure that businesses can take. These devices prevent contaminated water from flowing back into the building’s plumbing system, potentially causing significant health hazards and damage to the building. 

Critical equipment, such as data centers and servers, should also be protected from water damage. These items should be located on elevated floors or protected by water barriers to prevent damage from floods or leaks. 

Businesses can also train their employees on how to respond to potential water damage emergencies. Employees should be taught how to shut off water sources quickly and what steps to take in the event of a flood. 

Finally, businesses should purchase flood insurance to protect against losses caused by flood damage. This type of insurance can help cover the cost of repairs and replacement of damaged items, including inventory and equipment. 

In summary, preventing commercial water damage requires proactive measures such as regular maintenance, installation of detection and prevention devices, protection of critical equipment, employee training, and purchasing flood insurance. By taking these steps, businesses can avoid costly repairs and minimize disruptions to their operations. 

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Are You Concerned About Commercial Water Damage?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. At BlueTeam, we work with all kinds of commercial property owners to ensure the smooth operation of their business: even in the event of a disaster. 

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