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BlueTeam in Colorado Aurora, CO 16668 - E. 2nd Avenue, and Aurora, CA 8011

BlueTeam in Colorado Aurora

BlueTeam in Colorado Aurora

Aurora, Colorado, experiences the full gamut of seasonal weather patterns, with warm and humid summers giving way to cold and snowy winters. Temperatures can soar to over 100°F in the summer, while winter temperatures can plummet to the low 20°F. Spring and fall bring mild weather with occasional rain and snowstorms, making for a comfortable and ever-changing climate.

However, the varying weather patterns that come with each season can be unpredictable and pose a significant risk to commercial buildings. Thunderstorms, snowstorms, hailstorms, and high winds can cause damage ranging from minor to severe and require specialized intervention to recover.

Blue Team is a premier service provider specializing in commercial restoration, construction, and roofing around the US. Our team of professionals understands the importance of timely and effective intervention in the aftermath of these weather events. We offer a range of services, including water damage management, mold decontamination, roofing, and reconstruction, to help our clients recover from the consequences of these events. With years of experience domestically, we are committed to delivering quality services and personalized attention to every job we undertake.


BlueTeam in Aurora, Colorado

Water Damage

Water damage is a common consequence of weather events in Aurora, Colorado, particularly during the summer months when thunderstorms and heavy rain are prevalent. Even winter, with its snow and ice storms, poses a threat to commercial properties, as the buildup of snow and ice on rooftops and gutters can cause structural damage and lead to water leaks.

When it comes to commercial properties, water damage is a real threat that should not be taken lightly. Water intrusion after thunderstorms can result in severe damage to building materials, electrical systems, and furnishings, weakening the structure of the building and creating potential safety hazards for occupants. From structural elements such as walls and floors to the intricate inner workings of electrical systems and mechanical equipment, unaddressed water damage isn’t easily undone.

Water damage is classified into three categories based on the level of health risk they pose:

Category 1

Clean water damage from sources like sink overflows or rainwater infiltration poses the lowest health risk. Damaged building materials and furnishings can often be salvaged, and response time should be within 24 to 48 hours.

Category 2

Water damage in this category presents a moderate health risk and refers to water intrusion from storm drain backups, treated cooling water, and other sources. It presents a higher risk of disease or infection due to contamination and microbial growth and can make it more difficult to salvage damaged building materials.

Category 3

Water damage poses the highest health risk and includes water from sources like sewers, rivers, and seawater. It can contain infectious viruses, bacteria, and parasites and has might cause disease or infection from direct and indirect contact. Category 3 water may also contain toxic and allergenic materials. Proper cleanup and restoration are crucial to mitigate the health risks associated with Category 2 and 3 water damage.

At Blue Team, we know that time is of the essence when dealing with water damage. Our team of experts is trained to assess the damage and quickly provide comprehensive restoration services to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our clients. We use state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to remove water, dry the affected area, and eliminate any potential hazards, such as mold, that could pose health risks.

We take a proactive approach to prevent further damage, reduce costs, and minimize disruption to our clients’ operations. In short, we are here to provide the technical expertise and know-how necessary to help commercial properties and large portfolio owners recover from the effects of water damage and restore their spaces to safe and functional conditions.

Mold Decontamination

Mold growth is a common issue in Aurora, Colorado, particularly during the summer months when high humidity and heavy rain create ideal conditions for mold to flourish. Winter weather is no different and its conditions also contribute to mold growth. Melting snow and ice can create moisture that seeps into building materials. If not addressed promptly, the effects of water intrusion can have long-term consequences, including the growth of harmful mold within as little as 24 to 48 hours.

The destructive effects of mold growth extend beyond the physical damage to building materials, furnishings, and electrical systems, creating potential safety hazards and health risks for building occupants.

Moreover, the disruptive effects of mold contamination can be costly, causing significant business interruptions, lost productivity, and revenue. The silent threat of mold growth can have far-reaching consequences, making it essential to address mold contamination with a proactive and comprehensive approach.

Blue Team is trained to assess the damage and evaluate all contaminated materials to restore your commercial property to its former glory. We examine all possible areas of decontamination to remove mold spores and prevent the spread of contaminants. In some cases, we also use biocide to slow microbial growth and sanitize contaminated materials. Our team can also determine the proper application rate of biocides, ensuring effective decontamination while minimizing potential risks.


Aurora, Colorado, experiences an average of 15 inches of rain and 16 inches of snow per year. This relatively moderate precipitation is spread throughout the year, with some months being wetter than others.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms can result in flash floods and water accumulation, leading to water damage and potential safety hazards. Snow and ice storms can also cause structural damage to buildings, including roofs and gutters, which results in water leaks and damage to building materials.

Without prompt and expert reconstruction services, the effects of water damage can be long-lasting and expensive to repair. Commercial property owners may face lost productivity and revenue as a result of water damage events, as well as potential safety hazards and health risks for building occupants. Large portfolio property owners must have a plan in place for addressing water damage events and to mitigate the effects of such events.

Blue Team address the damage caused by water events and restore commercial buildings and large portfolio owners to safe and functional conditions. Our services include repairing or replacing damaged building materials and systems, addressing potential safety hazards and health risks, and working closely with clients to develop a plan for the reconstruction process.

With the help of our expert reconstruction services, commercial property owners can recover from water damage events and minimize the long-term impact on their business operations and finances.


With an acute understanding of Aurora’s ever-changing climate, Blue Team brings expertise in constructing new commercial properties that can withstand the rigors of both hot summers and cold winters. Our skilled professionals leverage their knowledge of local building codes and regulations to ensure compliance and adherence to quality standards.

Whether it’s a retail space, office building, or industrial facility, Blue Team excels in constructing structurally sound and visually appealing properties. From conceptualization to completion, we provide comprehensive construction services, including site preparation, foundation laying, structural framing, and installation of essential systems such as electrical, plumbing, and HVAC.

By utilizing advanced construction techniques and materials suited for Aurora’s climate, we guarantee the durability, energy efficiency, and long-term functionality of the commercial properties they build. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail make us a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable and professional construction services.


Renovation services play a crucial role in the development and enhancement of commercial properties in Aurora, Colorado. The region’s diverse weather patterns, including extreme temperatures and occasional rain or snowstorms, can take a toll on building exteriors over time. Blue Team specializes in revitalizing commercial properties to ensure they remain visually appealing, functional, and compliant with the latest standards.

We offer a wide range of services, including exterior renovation with façade upgrades, window replacements, roofing improvements, and landscaping enhancements. Our skilled team pays meticulous attention to detail to make sure the renovated exteriors not only withstand the demanding climate but also create an inviting and professional impression for your business.

Blue Team also excels in handling capital improvement projects for commercial properties. Whether it’s modernizing common areas, upgrading electrical and plumbing systems, or enhancing energy efficiency through sustainable solutions, our experts are adept at transforming existing structures into vibrant and efficient spaces.

By combining expertise in renovation techniques, materials, and design, Blue Team can bring fresh life to your commercial property.

BlueTeam at Hurricane Ian

Get Top-Quality Construction and Restoration Services in Aurora, Colorado

As a large portfolio owner in Aurora, Colorado, you understand the importance of protecting your properties from the effects of weather events and other disasters. At Blue Team, we are committed to providing comprehensive restoration, roofing, and reconstruction services to help you protect your investment.

Whether your properties have been damaged by heavy rain, snow and ice storms, or other weather events, our team of experts is here to help you address the damage quickly and effectively. We use the latest technology and techniques to assess your needs and develop a customized plan of action that meets your specific requirements.

In addition, we offer a proprietary software platform that allows you to easily track the progress of your projects in real time. Our app provides you with immediate access to information regarding your restoration, roofing and construction projects across your entire portfolio, keeping you engaged and connected 24/7.

If you’re ready to protect your commercial properties from the effects of weather events and other disasters, contact us today to request a quote or visit our locations in Colorado, Aurora, CO16668 E. 2nd Avenue, Aurora, CO 80011. Our team is standing by to provide the expert restoration, roofing, and reconstruction services you need to ensure the safety and functionality of your properties.


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