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BlueTeam in Florida - Lakeland, FL

BlueTeam in Florida - Lakeland

In What Ways Can Our Services Assist Businesses in Lakeland, FL? 

Lakeland, Florida faces a moderate risk of wildfires, some severe heat waves, and an extreme risk of strong winds. These unique geographic and climatic factors create a challenging environment for commercial buildings. 

The moderate wildfire risk stems from abundant vegetation, dry periods, and occasional lightning strikes, leading to property damage and business disruption. The severe heat risk, driven by the subtropical climate, causes issues such as material expansion, roofing deterioration, and heat-related illnesses. The extreme risk from severe winds is influenced by the city’s susceptibility to tropical storms and hurricanes, resulting in structural damage, shattered windows, and water intrusion. 

When it comes to safeguarding your commercial property from the consequences of Lakeland’s weather events, Blue Team stands ready to assist you. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing top-notch services, empowering you to navigate the challenges posed by the climate and weather conditions in Lakeland, Florida. Partner with us, and let us protect your investments, restore your commercial properties, and ensure your portfolio’s longevity for years to come. 



What Can We Do for Commercial Properties in Lakeland, FL?

Fire Damage


Fires in Lakeland, Florida can stem from natural causes, such as lightning strikes or prolonged drought periods. These situations can ignite wildfires, fueled by the hot and dry climate in the region. Human activities like improper cigarette disposal or arson, and electrical issues such as faulty wiring or equipment malfunctions can also spark fires in buildings. 


The destructive impact of fires is caused by the combustion of materials, leading to the impairment of structures and the contamination of surfaces. By spreading rapidly and intensifying, fires pose a significant threat to the safety and integrity of businesses in the area. Following such incidents, our fire damage restoration services become crucial. 


Once occupants have been safely evacuated, our team conducts a thorough site evaluation to assess the extent of the damage and develop a comprehensive restoration plan. To ensure safety, caution signs are strategically placed, restricting access to affected areas. We meticulously evaluate surfaces for potential contamination, cleaning salvageable materials and appropriately disposing of non-salvageable items.  

Collaboration with clients is essential in developing a reconstruction plan, especially for insurance claims, where we align with the requirements and preferences of the client’s insurance company. Throughout the process, we provide consistent updates and photographic documentation, using our Blue Team app for streamlined communication and document sharing. 

Our goal is to restore the affected space to its pre-loss condition while prioritizing safety, efficiency, and transparent communication. 


Weather events in Lakeland, Florida, such as severe storms, high winds, and hail, have the potential to cause significant damage to commercial roofs. These events can lead to shingle and tile dislodgment, leaks, structural weakening, and other issues that compromise the integrity of the roofing system. 

At Blue Team, we offer comprehensive roofing services to protect and maintain your commercial properties. Our team conducts emergency and routine roof inspections, checking for hail, storm, and general wear damage, while also providing preventative maintenance. 

We coordinate maintenance and replacement schedules for clients with commercial portfolios, ensuring thorough care for their roofing systems. Whether damage stems from severe weather, fire, collapse, or age-related issues, our 24/7 availability allows us to swiftly assess and protect your property, minimizing further loss. 

Our experienced roofing contractors are equipped to promptly repair or replace major roofing systems, offering temporary options when immediate solutions are needed. We hold certifications in installing all major roofing solutions and maintain close collaboration with manufacturers to stay updated on the latest products and improvements. Thorough on-site inspections allow us to recommend suitable repair or replacement solutions tailored to your specific needs. 

With our commitment to quality workmanship and staying ahead of industry advancements, we deliver exceptional roofing services that restore, protect, and extend the lifespan of your commercial roof. 




When temperatures rise during the summer, Lakeland, Florida, usually faces strong winds, severe storms, and wildfires, which put commercial buildings and their occupants at risk. These events can lead to structural damage, roof leaks, water intrusion, fire damage, and other issues that compromise the safety and functionality of the building. As a result, commercial building reconstruction becomes necessary to repair and restore the damaged areas and ensures the building regains its structural integrity and operational capability. 

Our experienced professionals specialize in structural repairs, restoring the integrity of steel, wood, concrete, and roofing components. Our qualified mechanical, electrical, and plumbing experts ensure the building’s systems are fully functional. Collaborating with structural engineers, we determine the safest and most cost-effective approach for rebuilding, including necessary demolition for decontamination or stabilization. 

Thorough evaluations and measures are implemented to ensure the safety of occupants and our personnel, and we also inspect all areas, including hidden spaces, to prevent the spread of harmful substances. We always provide communication and safety, with guidance provided to building occupants. 

With meticulous attention to detail, our reconstruction services effectively restore commercial buildings in Lakeland, Florida, ensuring safety and optimal condition for all parties involved. 



Aside from restoring damaged buildings, our team provides a range of construction services tailored to meet the diverse needs of commercial properties. Our expertise lies in structural construction, where we specialize in constructing robust foundations and ensuring the structural integrity of commercial buildings. Through meticulous planning and expert execution, we deliver reliable and long-lasting structures. 

Our comprehensive exterior construction services focus on enhancing the aesthetics and durability of buildings. We utilize high-quality materials and implement customized designs to create visually appealing and resilient exteriors that can withstand the demands of the local climate. 

In addition to these services, we´re equipped to handle new building additions and expansions for commercial properties requiring additional space. We collaborate closely with clients to understand their requirements and deliver solutions that meet their evolving needs. 

Commercial property owners can trust our expertise, reliable service, and commitment to constructing buildings that can withstand the challenges posed by the local climate, from the strong winds to the steaming temperatures. 


As businesses evolve and grow, so do the requirements of their physical spaces. Renovations not only enhance the aesthetics but also optimize functionality, efficiency, and overall performance. By modernizing infrastructure, updating outdated systems, and creating adaptable work environments, businesses can improve productivity, employee satisfaction, and customer experience.  

Our renovation services cater to the specific needs of commercial property owners, ensuring compliance with standards, a professional appearance, and structural soundness. 

Our expertise extends to exterior renovations, where we prioritize the use of high-quality materials to enhance the appearance and durability of commercial properties. Whether it’s EIFS, fiber cement, stucco, synthetic stone, or brick, we carefully select and utilize these materials to meet desired professional standards and withstand the test of time. 

Furthermore, we specialize in capital improvement projects and provide tailored solutions to elevate the functionality and aesthetics of commercial spaces, such as: 

  • Ground-up construction 
  • Exterior remodeling 
  • Construction refurbishing 
  • Parking lot repairs 

We commit to completing these projects with minimal disruption to the standard operations of the commercial property, ensuring a seamless transition throughout the renovation process. Each renovation project will be completed to the highest standards, meeting specific requirements and maintaining the professional appearance and durable structure of their properties. 

BlueTeam at Hurricane Ian

Looking for Reconstruction, Construction, and Renovation Services in Lakeland, FL?

Maximize the potential of your commercial properties with Blue Team’s comprehensive renovation, restoration, construction, and roofing services. Whether your building has suffered damage from weather events or you aim to expand your portfolio or enhance its image, our expert team is equipped to handle it all. 

Using our proprietary Blue Team App, you gain real-time access to track project progress, ensuring transparency and convenience. With our user-friendly app, you stay connected 24/7, receiving immediate information about your restoration, roofing, and construction projects throughout your entire portfolio. 

Trust Blue Team to deliver professional solutions that elevate your commercial properties to new heights. Visit our location at Florida Lakeland, FL5201 Gateway Blvd. Bays 36-40, Lakeland, FL 33811 or contact us today to schedule a quote or learn more about our services. 

We are your trusted partner in times of need.