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Blue Team in Texas San Antonio, TX5016 Service Center Drive, San Antonio, TX 78218

Blue Team in Texas San Antonio

Blue Team in Texas San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas experiences scorching high temperatures exceeding 90°F (32°C) in summer, along with thunderstorms, flash floods, and droughts over the year. These weather events pose unique challenges for commercial property owners and their properties. 

High temperatures strain roofing systems, accelerating wear and tear. Thunderstorms and flash floods damage external structures and lead to water intrusion, while droughts can harm landscaping and outdoor infrastructure. 

Enter Blue Team, a company specializing in restoration, renovation, construction, and roofing services. With expertise and a proactive approach, we provide tailored solutions for large portfolio owners in San Antonio and across the United States. 

From reinforcing roofing systems to withstand extreme heat to reconstructing or restoring structures after flash floods, we help safeguard commercial properties from unpredictable weather conditions and ensure their longevity and value. 

Our Services in San Antonio, Texas

Water Damage

Water damage extends beyond surface issues for commercial properties. The scorching heat in San Antonio place stress on roofs, making them deteriorate faster. On the other hand, thunderstorms and flash floods weaken a building’s infrastructure, leading to hidden water leaks, causing mold growth, and threatening stability. 

In the face of these events, Blue Team provides comprehensive water damage services to restore any commercial property to its pre-loss state. Our process consists of the following steps: 


When water damage occurs, our highly-trained restoration crews are dispatched wearing proper protective gear and guided by strict safety protocols. They analyze water damage to assess contamination levels, and an industrial hygienist documents the findings. 


Following the initial inspection, our experts craft treatment plans and project scopes based on air and water testing results. If water falls into category 2 or 3 of contamination, we enact environmental health and safety measures and determine whether any materials are salvageable. 


The treatment phase involves halting water intrusion, eliminating excess water and contaminants, and addressing microbial growth if indicated by air-testing results. Other standard procedures include the sterilization of porous materials and environment stabilization with HEPA filtration and air-scrubbers.  


Upon completion, Blue Team guarantees client satisfaction by requesting approval sign-offs for restored areas. All necessary documentation is provided and submitted, and any outstanding insurance claims are managed on the client’s behalf.  


Commercial properties in San Antonio, Texas, may require reconstruction to accommodate evolving market demands, meet regulatory compliance, enhance energy efficiency, or simply to modernize facilities. 

Blue Team understands the evolving needs of commercial property owners. Therefore, we’re equipped to construction services like: 

Site Assessment and Feasibility Studies 

At the outset of the construction process, we conduct an initial site assessment and feasibility studies to evaluate factors such as site conditions, zoning regulations, environmental considerations, and budgetary constraints. These steps allow us to analyze the project’s viability and potential challenges and develop a well-informed and strategic construction plan. 

Architectural Design and Permitting 

With architectural design and permitting, conceptual visions evolve into concrete plans that align with local regulations and codes, creating a smooth regulatory approval process. 

Other Services 

Our services extend to structural engineering, where experts employ advanced methodologies to optimize structural elements and provide safety and functionality. We also specialize in electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC installations, and interior finishing 

Blue Team App 

To enhance client engagement and transparency, Blue Team offers an innovative app, empowering commercial property owners with real-time updates, progress tracking, and document management throughout the construction process. 

The app enables commercial property owners to stay informed about construction milestones, budget considerations, and necessary modifications, creating a collaborative and informed decision-making process. 


Weather-related issues in San Antonio, Texas, manifest as different problems in commercial buildings, such as a weaker foundation, compromised roofing, and interior damage. Our reconstruction services ensure commercial properties recover while gaining resilience to thrive against unpredictable weather conditions. 

Structural Repairs 

Our experts create a strong and stable foundation with structural repairs, covering areas such as steel, wood, concrete, and roofing. 

Interior Finish Work 

At Blue Team, we handle tasks like installing ceilings, flooring, drywall, framing, insulation, mechanical systems, painting, and trimming to deliver high-quality results. 

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing 

Blue Team professionals can efficiently install and repair vital building systems to restore functionality and safety. 


In cases where demolition is necessary for contaminant removal or structural stabilization during reconstruction, we collaborate with structural engineers to develop safe and cost-effective strategies for rebuilding. 


Commercial properties and their owners in San Antonio, Texas, often seek renovation services due to factors like market changes, regulations, energy efficiency, modernization needs, and aesthetic improvements. 

Blue Team offers a wide range of renovation services to address these needs, including: 

Exterior Renovations 

We excel in exterior renovations by using materials such as EIFS, fiber cement, stucco, synthetic stone, or brick. Our team chooses these materials carefully to match each client’s unique requirements, enhancing the property’s appearance and durability. 

Capital Improvement Projects 

Our capital improvement projects are aimed at enhancing and modernizing various aspects of commercial properties. We collaborate to implement structural upgrades, energy-efficient solutions, and interior improvements to meet the evolving needs of commercial property owners. 


Extreme heat in San Antonio, Texas, can cause roofing materials to expand and contract, accelerating wear and tear and producing cracks. Water accumulation during thunderstorms also strains roofs, making them develop issues that require repairs and replacements services. 

Installation of Diverse Roof Types 

Blue Team specializes in installing various roofing systems, including: 

  • Asphalt shingles 
  • Coatings 
  • Concrete and clay tiles 
  • EPDM 
  • Foam systems 
  • Metal roofs 
  • Modified bitumen 
  • TPO 
  • Wood shakes 

These installations are carried out meticulously to meet industry standards and ensure the longevity of roofing systems. 

Roof Inspections and Maintenance 

Our team emergency and routine roof inspections to assess damage caused by hail, storms, or general wear and tear. We also create maintenance schedules for clients managing multiple commercial properties to promote proactive care. 

Emergency Repairs and Restoration 

Blue Team is available 24/7 to assess roofing systems and promptly address emergencies, such as severe weather damage, fires, or structural failures. We provide both temporary and permanent solutions, ensuring the protection of clients’ properties. 

BlueTeam at Hurricane Ian

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