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Blue Team in 10041 Regal Row Suite 100 & 110, Houston, TX 77040

Blue Team in Houston, Texas

Blue Team in Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas, experiences high temperatures, heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and the looming threat of hurricanes every year, which have a significant impact on commercial properties. 

High temperatures during the scorching summers put stress on buildings and lead to damaged roofing systems and building exteriors over time. Thunderstorms, often accompanied by heavy rainfall, can overwhelm drainage systems, causing property flooding, hidden structural issues, and corrosion. 

Moreover, Houston’s vulnerability to hurricanes means commercial properties must be prepared for the potential devastation caused by powerful winds, torrential rains, and storm surges. 

At Blue Team, we specialize in restoration, renovation, construction, and roofing services to protect the interests of commercial property owners in Houston, Texas. 

Our team offers advanced roofing systems designed to withstand the harsh Texas sun and severe thunderstorms. Our renovation and construction services are geared toward making buildings resilient to the elements, and we provide hurricane preparedness strategies to ensure commercial properties can weather any storm and emerge intact. 

Our Services in Houston, Texas

Water Damage

When water penetrates roofing systems, it can compromise a commercial building’s integrity, leading to leaks that erode materials, weaken walls, and threaten the overall stability of the building. Moreover, excess moisture fosters mold growth, further corroding surfaces and exacerbating structural issues. 

In light of these threats, Blue Team has devised specialized water damage services to address these structural concerns. Our process consists of four steps: 


Once our crew arrives at the affected site, they get equipped with proper protective gear to prevent contact with contaminated materials. An assessment of water damage ensues, guided by analytical measures to determine the level of contamination. 


Following the initial inspection, a diagnostic phase unfolds. Based on air- and water-testing results, an extensive treatment plan and project scope are defined and executed. If water contamination falls within category 2 or 3, our team swiftly implements environmental health and safety measures, with considerations regarding the use of biocides. 

We also discern salvageable materials from those needing replacement during the restoration process. 


Treatment involves the cessation of water intrusion, thorough removal of excess water and contaminants, and the implementation of microbial growth treatment when needed. 

Porous and contaminated materials undergo sterilization, while the environment achieves stability through HEPA filtration and air-scrubbers. 


Upon the complete restoration of the damaged area to pre-loss or superior conditions, Blue Team solicits client satisfaction approval sign-off. 

Furthermore, all essential completion documentation is provided furnished and, where pertinent, outstanding claims are addressed with insurance adjustors on behalf of the client. 


Many commercial properties in Houston, Texas, need to adapt to industry standards, comply with regulations, improve energy efficiency, and enhance functionality to stay competitive.  

Blue Team, a trusted name in construction services, provides a wide range of essential construction solutions to meet these demands, such as: 

Site Assessment and Feasibility Studies 

The construction process begins with an initial site assessment and feasibility studies to determine project viability. 

Site assessment involves getting information about topography, soil quality, environmental impact, and potential challenges. Feasibility studies analyze financial aspects, regulations, and technical constraints. 

Architectural Design and Permitting 

Our experts handle architectural design and permitting, translating ideas into actionable blueprints and ensuring compliance with regulations. 

Other Servies 

Structural engineering ensures the safety and integrity of the commercial building, while electrical systems, plumbing, and HVAC installations are meticulously planned and executed for efficiency. 

Interior finishing adds the final touches, balancing aesthetics and functionality to create a fully realized commercial property. 

Blue Team App 

To enhance their services, Blue Team offers a user-friendly app that allows commercial property owners to receive real-time updates, track progress, and manage documents throughout construction. This app keeps owners informed about construction milestones, budget considerations, and necessary adjustments, promoting transparency and informed decision-making. 


In the context of Houston, Texas, weather phenomena can inflict significant damage upon commercial structures, necessitating comprehensive reconstruction efforts. 

Hurricanes can tear off roofs, shatter windows, and compromise building envelopes. Thunderstorms can bring lightning strikes that damage electrical systems, and heavy rainfall can lead to flooding and water intrusion, which may weaken structural components and promote mold growth. 

Blue Team, a seasoned provider of reconstruction services, offers a multifaceted approach to address the aftermath of weather-related or other structural impairments, with services including: 

Structural Repairs 

We restore foundational elements with materials like steel, wood, and concrete, ensuring the structural integrity of the building is reinstated. 

Interior Finish Work 

Blue Team’s reconstruction portfolio extends to interior finish work, encompassing the meticulous installation of ceilings, flooring, drywall, framing, insulation, mechanical systems, and painting and trimming. 

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Work 

Our proficient team of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing experts installs and repairs crucial building systems, making sure their functionality is restored to its optimal state. 


In cases where demolition is deemed necessary to eliminate contaminants or stabilize the existing structure, Blue Team collaborates closely with structural engineers to execute a safe and cost-effective reconstruction plan. 


Commercial property owners in Houston, Texas, require renovation services to address wear and tear, remedy structural deficiencies, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of existing structures. 

Furthermore, in a competitive market characterized by a variety of commercial property types, from hospitality establishments to healthcare facilities and office spaces, tailored renovation solutions are essential to meet the specific demands of each sector. 

Blue Team is ready to assist commercial properties with their renovation projects with the following services: 

Exterior Renovations 

Blue Team leverages a selection of premium materials to provide tailored exterior renovation solutions, including: 

  • EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System) 
  • Fiber cement 
  • Stucco 
  • Synthetic stone 

Whether it’s enhancing the aesthetic appeal, improving insulation, or fortifying the structural integrity of commercial properties, Blue Team’s expertise ensures exterior renovations are executed with precision and finesse. 

Capital Improvement Projects 

Capital improvement projects are an integral part of maintaining and enhancing the value of commercial properties. We specialize in planning and executing these projects, which can include structural upgrades, energy-efficient enhancements, and interior space reconfigurations. 

Our meticulous approach guarantees capital improvement projects are executed efficiently, within budget, and in compliance with relevant regulations. 


Roofing services assume a pivotal role in the upkeep of commercial properties in Houston, Texas. Factors such as heavy rainfall, intense heat, and the occasional hurricane can exact a toll on roofing systems, compromising their integrity and functionality. In addition, aging, defects, and neglect can also lead to the deterioration of roofs. 

As a seasoned provider of roofing services, Blue Team offers different solutions to meet the roofing needs of commercial property owners in Houston: 

Installation for All Major Roof Types 

We are experts in the installation of various roofing systems, encompassing: 

  • Asphalt shingles 
  • Coatings 
  • Concrete and clay tiles 
  • EPDM 
  • Foam systems 
  • Metal roofs 
  • Modified bitumen 
  • TPO 
  • Wood shakes 

Roof Inspections and Maintenance 

Blue Team conducts both emergency and routine roof inspections to assess potential storm damage, as well as to perform preventative maintenance. We coordinate maintenance schedules and replacement plans across clients’ commercial portfolios, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of roofing systems. 

Emergency Response and Repair 

In situations stemming from emergencies such as severe weather, fire, collapse, or roof failures due to age or neglect, Blue Team stands ready 24/7 to assess roofing systems and implement measures to protect properties and mitigate further damage. 

We offer a full spectrum of roofing repairs and replacements, including temporary solutions to address immediate needs while long-term systems are being completed. 

BlueTeam at Hurricane Ian

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